Because it’s important to our mothers that we retain our (near) perfect grade point averages: personals will be posted every Friday at noon.

THE interns are committed to the continued existence of n+personals, at least until everyone who ever seized up a little reading DFW has found a shoulder to cry on. Given that this is a rather large, and potentially exponential, pool of people, we have easily guaranteed the indefinite success of our project, which means continued entertainment for you, dear reader, and happiness for us.

So couple away! (Or, if you already live in bliss, take time out of your day to do a little charity work for all your “lovely but lonely” friends.)

Do keep in mind that we accept missed connections, primarily for literary events but also any and all activities that involve large masses of semi-awkward bespectacled Brooklynites getting sloshed and arguing about lit crit.


the interns