Me: 28-year-old toiler in the culture industry mumming something approaching stoicism. Vegetarian and a good cook. In politics a bit more red than black, but game for your vegan potlocks and benefit parties: no sectarian squabbles here. Get around by bike. Variously poetic, fairly earthy, generally restless, in fact lean but not mean. Acquainted with heartbreak, rustily trilingual, bearded. Sex driven, food driven, sound driven: sense driven. Bored sustaining months-long relationships that go nowhere. Open, finally, to that big something more (again), but aware that you and I are likely not going to be that for each other. In the meantime, let’s cook, cuddle, hit museums and movies and shows, stream flicks, swap reads and see how long we can stave off winter. You: more or less not a mess. The rest sorts itself.